RSVP is the way to put you on an attendance list for each event. After you RSVP, you still need to click Buy Tickets  for the Friday Night Fiesta Dinner and  the Saturday Night Italian Dinner events if you plan to attend.

​If event prices are problematic, please contact us for possible solutions. There may be donated money in the account to assist you.

If you are bringing a guest, please enter their name in the Guest #1 fields as you RSVP to each event.

The Peter Lansing Car Collection Open HouseTour of TJ, and Sunday Picnic at Eisenhower Picnic are no charge events but please RSVP so we know how many to expect.  (Rumor has it there may be donuts somewhere!)

If you get frustrated with RSVPing, just click the Contact Us link on the right and let us know which events you are attending.